What Is Manscaping?

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What Is Manscaping?

So there you are... a good looking guy without a clue as to how to maintain the new “do” or keep your hairy chest at bay without those little red bumps, ingrown hairs, and all those other seemingly inevitable and wonderful side effects to keeping yourself neat and tidy.

Are you tired of getting complains of a dirty sink from your girlfriend? Is the wife too busy to shave or trim you in areas you just can't reach on your own? Are you afraid of shaky, unsure hands?

You've found the right place for all your manscaping needs.

You can do it yourself, but let's face it... there are places on the body which are hard to reach on your own. Also, doing it yourself can result in getting a razor burn, red bumps and ingrown hairs which are unhealthy and will not look good to the female species. That's where we come in.

Our staff is friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable in different manscaping techniques. Whether you need a trim, a shave or waxing. We do the job right from the first visit to your millionth visit. We also teach you how to maintain the look you require.

Here at Liz Skincare we strive to enhance your natural features with care and experience. We are the premiere spa dedicated to men for all their skincare and relaxation needs.