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Liz Blizz Exfoliation Body Wrap

Come try out this exclusive Exfoliation Treatment. It will remove top layers of dead skin cells being sloughed off by a loofah and will leave your skin as smooth as silk. Only available here at Liz Skincare, a full body exfoliation using our homemade all natural exfoliate.

The result is conditioned, soft, skin. Great for change of seasons, brushing off white skin flakes and debris that you will find on your skin. We shed dead skin every 10 to 21 days, you should be exfoliating 2 to 3 times a month. Exfoliant is then moved with steamed towels.

The number one treatment for any one that suffers from ingrown hairs and razor burn, by preventing the dead skin cells and debris from getting into the pore blocking the hair from coming up. A 60 min treatment like no other that is non abrasive causing no damage, greasiness or stickiness! You only experience pure Blizz.

Duration: 60 Minutes